Nylon Nets, Shade Net, Insects Net

Nylon nets are much stronger and more durable than cotton nets. They are impervious to sunlight, water-resistant, cheaper and easier to produce. All rope materials lose strength when tied into a knot but nylon does not lose strength compared to other high-strength fibres.

Shade net regulates the entry of sunlight, moisture or air through gaps of the woven material. The shade net house structure is designed to protect the agro product from heat, rain and fast wind. Greenium online nursery provides the best shade nets which are waterproof and last for less than 6 years. They protect against pests and diseases like blight, leaf spot, citrus canker, rice blast etc. With the help of shade nets humidity, light temperature and the level of carbon dioxide can be controlled. Also, many flowering plants, medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, and species can be cultivated inside the shade net.

Anti-insect nets are used to prevent insects from damaging crops and restrict the use of harmful chemicals. The natural surroundings are very important for growing all kinds of crops but it involves a lot of insects and pests that can harm the crop. Harsh chemicals sometimes damage the crop even if the natural properties of the crops may be lost. Anti-insect nets help the crop to grow naturally and allow it to be exposed to the natural surroundings along with preventing it from insects.

Greenium believes in providing the best quality product to its customers. We have prepared anti-insect nets after understanding the life cycle of pests.

Anti-insect nets are designed to support and improve ventilation and keep insects and pests away from the crop. They are suitable to maintain the environment for the crops and can be used for more than 3 to 5 years. These nets are cost-friendly and a better substitute for chemicals.

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