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Banana Plant


Variety :- G9 Banana


Bananas are cheap and easily available all over India. Grow this plant at your home and have numerous nutrition and health benefits. Banana fruit contains good fibre for your gut and is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. It is also very digestive and helps in bowel movement. Bananas are rich in vitamin C and B6 so they help to absorb iron better in our body and also increase the haemoglobin and overall blood. Banana plants are also good to treat cholesterol and high blood pressure as increased with potassium. You can also have them to relieve stomach issues like ulcers or constipation. Banana plant flowers, fruits, stems and leaves can be used in different ways. For example, the banana flower is good to control type 2 diabetes and balancing blood sugar level in the body. The juice of banana stems flushes out toxins from the body. Raw bananas are beneficial for diabetics due to the presence of resistant starch that doesn’t digest very easily.

At last but not least, the Banana leaf also can be used. They are not edible but when we have food served on banana leaves it has great health benefits because the leaves contain polyphenols like EGCG which the food absorbs and imparts to the body and is also environment friendly.

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