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Greenium, incorporated in 2020, is an organization that has visionary ideas of a greener and better India. Bearing this in mind, we have set up our operations in New Delhi with presence across India to supply a gamut of plants to all our clients. We offer plants like fruit plants, exotic plants, imported plants, floriculture bulbs, etc. and cater to private and Government projects of landscaping, vertical gardens and so on. We have the largest range of plants, gardening equipment and corporate gifting solutions.

MD's Story

My story begins back when I had returned from Manchester, England, after completing Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. Upon returning, I noticed high levels of air pollution, less greenery and layers of dust on the roads of Delhi.This is where I started my persistent search for advanced possibilities to make a successful, constructive and hopeful contribution to the overall climate change in India by bringing individuals closer to nature. 

While having a degree in Chemical Engineering, I sought to utilize my skills and knowledge to make a greener and better India.

With this vision, we started Greenium in 2020, to raise awareness about the importance of having plants and making it a way of life for better health, reduced air pollution and having beautiful surroundings by focusing on providing best quality plants through the tissue culture method and to make it available and affordable for all.

That’s my story!

Divye Chandak (Co-Founder & Managing Director), Greenium

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