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Apricot Plants


Apricot plants are closely related to almonds, peach, plums & cherries.


Apricot plants are closely related to almonds, peach, plums & cherries and are cultivated throughout the temperate regions of the world. Generally, they are eaten fresh and also preserved by canning. Apricot plants are widely used to make jam. Dried apricots are a good source of iron while fresh apricots are rich in vitamin E and are high in natural sugar.

At present, Apricots plants are cultivated on every continent except Antarctica. Originally, they were domesticated in China. It has bright green broad leaves that have pointed tips. The flowers of apricots are self-pollinated and are white in full bloom, singly or doubly at a node on very short stems. Apricot fruits are drupes with a large flat stone containing seed and are nearly smooth, round and similar in shape to a peach. The flesh of apricot fruit is rich yellow to yellowish-orange. Its seeds, known as kernels, are used in Chinese medicine for the management of constipation, cough and asthma. Apricot is a good source of minerals, fibres and vitamins and is also rich in carbohydrates.

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