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Plastic Label


Generally, we have so many plants and shrubs in our garden. It may be a bit difficult to remember the names of all of them. Greenium plastic labels are a good solution. They are available in different colours making classification easier and suitable for many plant pots. These plastic labels are made from durable PVC plastic and will not brittle or snap like most plastic tags. They are waterproof and unaffected by any weather condition like high heat, bright sun etc. These plastic labels are easily written and a great option to label the multiple rows in your botanical garden. You can easily write on them with a marker or pencil and they can easily be cleaned with a household cleaner. Plastic labels are very convenient to use and easy to stick in the soil. If you wish to keep writing, stay longer than use permanent mark pain. Plastic labels are short enough to fit in a small pot, mini garden, house nursery stock, flowers, greenhouse, fruit trees, potting test etc.

Greenium plastic labels have an appropriate thickness, durability, long life, smooth surface, high toughness rate and so on.

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