Hose Pipe

A hose pipe or garden hose is a flexible tube used to spray or transport water. Generally, hoses are attached to a hose spigot or tap. Sprayers and sprinklers are common attachments available for the end of the hose and are used to concentrate water at one point or to spread it over a large area. A garden hose pipe is made from soft PVC plastic material which makes them soft and smooth as a result garden hoses are flexible and their smooth exterior facilities pull them past trees, posts and other obstacles. Hose pipes are lightweight, oil-free, flexible, maintenance-free, easy-to-handle, high durability strength and lightweight. When you buy a hose pipe, you not only get the assurance of durability but also the availability of pocket-friendly cost. The cost of transportation and station is also low. Hose pipes are also used for transporting drinking water too. So, the chance of leaking water through the pipes would be less as hose pipes are fitted with leak-proof joints, therefore, they save a huge amount of water.

These pipes can be used as very small-scale agriculture pipes for farming in backyard gardens.

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