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Battery Sprayer


Battery Sprayer are used in agriculture plantations, gardens and horticulture. It is used to spray liquid such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to protect the crop or plant from pests and also for crop nutrients. These sprayers generate high pressure and require minimum effort for multiple applications. Crop production has been increasing constantly today therefore crop nutrition and pests and disease management have become an essential aspect of the farmers in agriculture. Hence, Battery Sprayer is useful agricultural equipment. Using a sprayer is a suitable and cost-effective way to manage these aspects. Battery Sprayers are available in various performance specifications designs and sizes that help to cover small areas too large. Battery Sprayers have removable batteries and you can easily charge the battery without having to bring them. They are also available with a double battery system which makes them more efficient than other Sprayers.

Some battery sprayers come with just on/ off switches while the others come with the pressure control feature including a regulator or speed controller so that you can regulate the discharge of liquid from the nozzle. This feature of battery sprayers makes it easily accessible. Further, battery sprayers fairly save money and time in the long term as they have reliable pumps and chargeable battery systems.

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