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Grafting Knife



A grafting knife is mainly used in tree nurseries or horticulture to shorten woody plants or cut roughly branches and plant parts. The shape of a grafting knife is sharp and the blades can be different but most grafting knives have a folding mechanism and they can be stored well. Grafting knives consist of a wooden handle and rust-proof blade generally made of stainless steel. Grafting knives are often sharp on both sides in contrast to the copulating knife.

Grafting knives come with a variety of designs often in combination with a copulating knife.

This knife belongs next to Hoe, garden shears, and leaf rake and can also be used to cut flowers, branches, vegetables and fruits. Primarily, it is used to refine woody plants.

Since the grafting knife is usually made of wood or plastic and one or two blades are made of stainless steel or carbon steel.


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