Where to buy online indoor plants
Where to buy online indoor plants

These days, Metro cities like Delhi are known for alarming and hazardous levels of pollution. So, it is natural for us to see different ways to combat the declining air quality. People use masks to make sure that they are well protected against dust particles and all toxins.

Also, they stay at home thinking it will help reduce the exposure to the deadly pollutants in the air but it is not the solution. The bitter truth is that indoor air quality is also poor and you cannot stay indoors forever.

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The air we breathe inside our home is not as pure or clean as we think it to be. Hence, a good and realistic approach that is long-term and environment friendly is to bring some indoor plants that work towards cleansing the air. Indoor plants not only improve the overall look of your home from the perspective of décor but also have been proven to improve mood, mental health and air quality. They make the environment more livable and more soothing to the senses.

Growing indoor plants is a global trend these days although it has always been a part of human civilization. Greenium provides the most extensive and curated list of interior plants for all homes and requirements. The plants are available in different sizes and ranges and well suitable for small space gardening with minimal care. You can find a variety of ranges here for home and offices, for example, low-light indoor plants, lucky plants, air-purifying plants, creeping plants, climbing plants, beautiful foliage plants, flowering plants, low maintenance plants and so on.

Indoor plants reduce stress, improve the quality of life and also eliminate indoor air toxins and pollutants. Thus, they are a great way to improve health and the overall look of the home. We have an extensive range of pet-friendly plants, tabletop plants and also plants that are great for terrace, window sills and entryways.

Succulents, Cactus and low-maintenance plants are great for commercial space because they don’t need special care.

Our online plants are available in a self-watering pot along with a special potting mix and a detailed plant care guide so that you can understand your indoor plants better. The packaging is completely recyclable known as plant pods.

Our indoor plants are categorized as per special characteristics, type of plant, décor style or placement. Greenium is the most trusted online nursery in India and a one-stop solution for online plants with detailed information like plant care tips, growing conditions, accurate product images and plant FAQs.

Moreover, all gardening tools, fertilizers, pesticides and other gardening needs are also available.

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