Amazing facts about Money Plant
facts about Money Plant

A money plant is popular as a money-making machine. The owner can gain financial property by placing a money plant at home.

This plant is found in Indian households and is also known as devil’s ivy. Some people keep it for a good luck factor while some want a low-maintenance indoor plant that would keep the air clean. It is amazing to magnify the great looks of the home. Money plants are very adorable and loved in all ways. There are many amazing facts to know about a money plant to enjoy its company at home.

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Easily grows in the soil as well as in water

You have a choice where you want to grow this plant either in soil or in water. It can sustain both in soil and water as well without any problem. Don’t replace the plant from soil to water and vice versa because the money plants growing in water would have softer leaves as compared to the ones growing in soil.

Money plants need an adequate amount of water in starting so when you have purchased a new money plant don’t forget to water at a regular interval. Make sure it should not be fully shocked in water.

The survival rate of a money plant is rather high in comparison to other indoor plants. It cleans the home environment by removing toxins. Keep in mind that the sap of money plants is extremely poisonous so don’t consume it by mistake.

You can use this plant to beautify your aquarium as it can sustain well in water. Make your fish House look really endearing by placing a money plant in your aquarium. Moreover, it purifies the air and water and provides essential nutrients to the fish.

The shady areas can also be lit up by placing a money plant as it does not require direct sun rays.

Generally, a money plant grows up to 50 to 60 feet tall in its natural habitat but when you grow it in a pot at your home it would reach 10 to 15 feet only.

This beautiful green and shiny plant not only showers immense financial luck but is also known for its flowers. The white and creamy flowers of the money plant have a strong fragrance that attracts bees, bats and butterflies.

The pods are the place where the seeds of a money plant are hidden. These podes enlarge, burst and then fall on the ground ultimately. The seeds are used in baking disease after grinding and the roasted seeds are consumed as a snack.

Every branch of a money plant consists of five leaves that generally grow for 12 inches. These five leaves are green and shiny in appearance and represent the five elements of nature: fire, air, water, metal and wood. These elements attract positive energy to the owner and bring good luck and prosperity.

This is a powerful air purifying plant in India and cleans the air inside your home effectively. It thrives well in indirect sunlight and requires regular watering.

Since money plants propagate rapidly so they need to be prone regularly, be careful the leaves of a money plant are toxic to children, dogs and cats if ingested.

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