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Succulent Haworthia Zebra


Succulent Haworthia Zebra is a delicately small succulent house plant reaching up to 5 to 8 Inches only in height. It is also called a Zebra Plant and has thick dark green leaves with bumps of white tubercles on the outer surface and are clustered together giving it a Zebra effect. When it comes to caring for Zebra plants, they don’t need much effort and can still survive many weeks without watering. They look very beautiful in any container making them perfect for any indoor space.

Zebra plants thrive well even in medium and low light conditions commonly found in any indoor space but if you place them in a spot where they can get as much natural light as possible for example a South or East facing window then you can see its stunning red and orange pigments. Choose a location while growing outdoors where this plant can get at least 4 to 6 hours of bright light but no direct sunlight especially in the afternoon as it has very sensitive leaves and direct exposure to sunlight will most likely lead them to get dry tips.

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