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Par Lamps


A PAR lamp can be used in a number of applications from landing lights at airports to the theatrical lighting at your favourite entertainment place. PAR Lamps are no more efficient than ever with the advent of LED lighting. PAR Lamps means parabolic aluminized reflector. They are directional lighting that fits within a can light or spotlight. Basically, they were used for road vehicles for headlights. PAR Lamps are low-cost, lightweight and easily switched when a different power or beam angle is required for a new application. They are fairly simple light fixtures. The simplicity of the design of these lamps makes them so popular in these particular applications. They are easy for travelling performance groups to take on the road with their shows. PAR Lamps are found in theatres, churches, clubs and touring performance groups because of their affordability and lightweight. They are also used in studios, galleries, convention centres and auditoriums. Arenas also opt for PAR Lamps to lower costs without sacrificing the quality of their lighting.

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