Sansevieria Gold in Eliza Pot Red

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  • Top most Air Purifying plant, approved by NASA. Absorbs harmful gases from the atmosphere for fresh air.

  • Excellent Indoor plant. Aesthetically pleasing, comes in variegated varieties and sizes.

  • Increases productivity, helps in reducing stress and is known for fostering happy vibes and enriching overall well-being and health.

  • Very Sturdy and virtually indestructible plant. Long lasting and easy to maintain

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Sansevieria is a genus of Dracaena,with more than 70 varieties. Regarded as one of the hardiest plant, with long survival rates, the Sansevieria Gold - also called MILT (Mother-in-law's tongue) is the best air purifier for indoors. It has smooth, sword like upright leaves, unlike other foliage. Hence, it stands out in the crowd, making a wonderful focal plant that easily adapts to different conditions and placement areas.

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