Grafted Ficus 100 GM in Eliza Pot Yellow

Also Known as - Weeping Fig, Fig Tree, Common Fig

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  • Easy to grow and low maintenance plant

  • Good Air Purifying plant, helps improve air quality

  • Bonsai are excellent center piece and conversation starters for any decor

  • Bonsai are excellent gifting idea for family and friends as they symbolise Growth, Peace and Harmony. It brings positivity into people's life

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Bonsai refers to a very old, artistic art form and technique that refers to the plants being miniaturised and grown in small pots or trays. This technique originated in China about 1200 years ago. But the art was later perfected by the Japanese, and from there on it became a popular hobby around the world. It is an inspirational and very therapeutic gardening activity. The Bonsai techniques including shallow planting, pruning, defoliation, grafting, and root reduction, along with wiring the trunks and branches into desired shapes, all help to create the look of a mature tree in miniature.
The Ficus is the most popular Bonsai, with hundreds of varieties, where Ficus Retusa is transformed in an S- shaped trunk and has oval, dark, green leaves. Another variety, the Ficus Ginseng is another popular tree with thick, pot bellied trunk, similar to Ginseng root, commonly called Grafted Ficus.
Ficus Bonsai are popularly known for their Air purifying quality, as recommended by NASA. Their dark leaves absorb the harmful toxins like ammonia, Formaldehyde, Toluene in the air, making the Air quality of the space breathable and clean.

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