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Are you looking to buy bamboo plants online? Then you are in the right place. Continue reading to learn more about bamboo plants, their benefits, how to care for them, and what to look for before buying bamboo plants from a seller.

What are Bamboo Plants?

Bamboo plants are a type of grass that belongs to the Poaceae family. They are characterised by their fast growth, tall, slender stems, and distinctive nodes or joints along the stem. Their stems are called culms, and the underground stems of bamboo are known as rhizomes.

Bamboos are of two types depending on the growth habits of their rhizomes. They are clumping bamboo and running bamboo.

Dwarf varieties of bamboo plants that grow only up to 1-2 feet are used as groundcover. They can also be grown in containers.

Benefits of Bamboo Plants for Indoors and Office

  1. Bamboo plants are uplifting and raise the aesthetic value of your home and office.
  2. Bamboo plants add beauty and tranquilly to every place.
  3. Bamboo plants are easy to grow and are excellent air purifiers. 
  4. Maintaining a bamboo office plant opens the door to prosperity and luck.
  5. Bamboo plants are an easy gift to order or purchase online when you’re at a loss for what to give someone special.
  6. When positioned facing east, the lucky bamboo plant fosters good health for the entire family. 

How to care for your Bamboo Plants?

Even though bamboo is considered an outdoor plant, it can undoubtedly become the focal point of your living space with the right care. Here’s how you can provide the right care to your bamboo plant:

How to maintain Bamboo

  1. Bamboo plants can be kept in indirect sunlight.
  2. Keep changing the water for 2-3 months, and ensure the roots are covered with water.
  3. Remove the stem whenever its colour changes from green to yellow.
  4. Before their roots fully develop, the bamboo plants will require 1-3 inches of water.
  5. It is better to keep the bamboo plants away from AC vents.

When and How to Water Bamboo

When the top layer (about 1-2 inches) feels dry to the touch, water the Lucky bamboo plant if it is grown in soil. If you’re growing it in water, change the water every week and keep the level the same to submerge the roots.

Fertilizing Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are easy to grow and don’t require fertiliser because they receive all the nutrients they need from the water in the pot. You can use a liquid fertiliser every 2-3 weeks.

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Our collection of plants includes all varieties, including exotic indoor plants, online succulents and cactuses, and large potting mixes.

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